Hopscotch and the Tickled Fancy's - Gestation Period

1. Gestation Period

2. Skin Puddle

3. Turbo Xylofucker

4. The Smell

5. Rapscallion

6. Deafland

7. Cresent Lips

8. Heretic

9. Call Me

10. Rolling Down Like the Biggest Hill Ever

My band and I have started working on our 3rd album "Gestation Period" and I feel like I should come back to my roots. I haven't posted much to newgrounds since I was in highschool but I feel like this is a good way to get feedback as I work on the new album. Thank

That's really about it. Oh and fuck Steve Derek

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2012-03-11 10:53:26 by ThePopcicleMan

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Album is Going well

2011-11-19 20:54:41 by ThePopcicleMan

Youtube Channel

New Album

2011-09-18 20:43:32 by ThePopcicleMan

I am currantly working on a new album called Aerosol